My name is Bri Zdany, an Illustrator graduating with a Bachelor in Fine Arts from the University of Colorado Denver. I originated from Illinois, bringing Midwest flare to my work. I have always been mesmerized by creating things with my hands. Knowing art was what I was happy doing, I felt that there was nothing that could be better for my career path. I continue to challenge myself with different medias and graphic design work. I’m inspired by my memories of food always bringing the family together. Depicting food in my work brings forth the idea of it as a binding ingredient in life, relationships, and survival. In some way my art connects me to where I was raised, bringing me closer to home.
Bri Zdany Ritual
Bri Zdany Steak Poster
Bri Zdany The Frightmare
Bri Zdany Fish Carving
Bri Zdany Hot Dog Stand Sculpture
Bri Zdany Doublestaching
Bri Zdany Listomania
Bri Zdany You Look Gouda Nuff To Eat
Bri Zdany Stay Hungy Logo
Bri Zdany Sandwich Man
Bri Zdany Hot Dog Eyes
Bri Zdany Hooker Colfax
Bri Zdany Heart Attack
Bri Zdany Burger
Bri Zdany Betty White
Bri Zdany Finger Licken Good
Bri Zdany Eat Me Pie